JJ's Concrete was the site for Thursday's business visit. Owner Jan Wagler and husband Nate were gracious to speak to the class about their start-up 11 years ago and the growth of the business during that time period. Nate remarked that several people told them they were crazy to start up a business during the economic recession that was occurring during 2018. In turner, this was a blessing! After conducting research and discovering that there was a need for another concrete business in the area, they were able to purchase used equipment for a very cheap price. Nate said that some of the equipment was purchased close to 10% of its retail value.

Jan told the class that in the beginning they only had one concrete truck. Today they have 22 trucks, 9 semi's, 9 rock trucks along with 50 employees and an additional plant in Bloomington, Indiana. She emphasized a common theme that the class has heard the past several weeks. We have grown because our customers have grown. You either grow with your customers or you get out of the business. Another fascinating aspect of the concrete business is the science that in involved. Students spent time in the lab where concrete is tested for strength and also for the percentage of moisture in the mix.

Thank you Jan and Nate for a wonderful morning and for the t-shirts and doughnuts.

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