Mr. Bob Schultz and daughter Emmie, were our first guest speakers of the year for the Daviess County CEO program. With school starting on Wednesday, August 7th, we wanted to jump right into "The Art of the Conversation." Mr. Schultz updated his presentation thanks to a question by Emily Fields last year. She asked "How do you get out of your comfort zone to ask questions?" Therefore, Mr. Schultz included several tips on the types of questions to ask and how asking questions can lead to great connections and creating great ideas.

Emmie added to the conversation by explaining how she keeps "great questions" on her phone in case she needs a questions to all back onto.

Our students were very impressed with both Bob and Emmie Schultz and will now be challenged to "step out of their comfort zone" and make the effort to ask questions. As Bob said, "it gets easier the more times you engage different people. It also expands you life connections."

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