M&C Tech Indiana hosted the CEO class for a business visit on Wednesday, January 22nd. M&C Tech Indiana is a newly formed Japanese corporation located in Washington, Indiana. M&C Tech is a joint venture between Moriroku Chemicals and Chubu Kagaku. The corporation produces plastic parts and is a world class supplier of automotive products.

Dan Morehead, Plant Manager, along with Mori Kuboa, Public Relations Specialist and Company President Yasuhiro Ito spoke to the class about the company. M&C Tech opened in 2018 and produces seven different plastic products for both foreign and domestic made vehicles. Some of the parts manufactured are for sunroofs and plastic pieces for doors.

Plant Manager Dan Moreland,said it takes approximately 4-5 years to develop a part and then sell it to the customer. Moreland also emphasized the cleanliness of the manufacturing area. He stated that "Cleanliness equates to quality." If the plant floor is a disaster, what does it tell you about the quality of the products being produced. The class also had the opportunity to meet and talk with the company president, Mr. Yasuhiro Ito. We are very thankful for Mori Kubota in setting up this business visit.

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