The CEO class had a unique opportunity in seeing and hearing from two entrepreneurs in one location. Jess Brower is the owner of The Movement Clinic while his wife Tara, is an Edward Jones Investment Counselor. They share a building with one front door but two different and unique businesses.

Jess started up his own chiropractic office after graduation from the Logan School in 2010. He then shifted gears and worked at the Core Clinic from 2015-2018 and has now started his own practice with the Movement Clinic. Jess emphasized to the students to "Do your market research." Know who you are trying to reach with your product and/or service. Jess has broadened the clinics reach by adding a physical therapy, occupational therapy and pediatric therapy. The clinic target market is anyone from 10-70 years of age.

Tara Brower spoke to the class about the benefits of being an Edward Jones representative. She said that the first two years were the most difficult in that you had to go door-to-door to establish yourself. Edward Jones business model is somewhat of a franchise and somewhat of an independent contractor. Tara emphasized to the students that regardless of what career they enter, to "be passionate about what you do." You should be excited to wake up everyday and do something you love. Tara also spoke about her mission statement; "Be the First Choice for all retiremen investors in Daviess County." By having a mission, she has a daily focus.

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