Phoenix Mat co-owners Mike Swartzentruber and Tim Lengacher greeted the CEO class for a unique business visit on Thursday, October 2nd. Phoenix Mat is a 5th generation business that currently produces Crane Mats and Pallets. The business initially started as a saw mill but has adjusted it's business model over the generations. Swartzentruber said that the business was on the Odon Cannelburg road but after a tornado in November of 2005 and then a devastating fire in May of 2018, the company moved to it's current location in the northeast corner of Daviess County.

Crane mats are a unique product that are used in the oil and electrical industries to place heavy equipment such as cranes on when installing oil rigs and electrical structures. Phoenix mat builds pallets with the wood materials left after cutting the crane mats. These pallets are sold to brokers who then have the products drop-shipped to locations throughout the United States.

A very interesting fact that both Swartzentruber and Lengacher shared with the class was that "Timber is growing at a faster rate than it's use." Both owners also explained the importance of managing forests.

Thank you for a great morning and a very interesting and educational visit.

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