Kent Probst with Midland Institute of Entrepreneurship was our guest speaker via video on Tuesday, October 27th. Mr. Probst asked the simple question "Why did you apply to be in CEO?" Several students answered his question as it generated the thought process. Probst explained the history of CEO and how it began 13 years ago in Effingham, Illinois. Today, there are over 55 programs throughout the United States. The mission of the Midland Institute is to help communities start CEO programs and to help maintain existing programs.

Mr. Probst also covered several topics from Craig Lindvahl's book on Life Lessons. This book is an essential part of every CEO class. "Take it all In" focuses on opening up the curtains to see EVERYTHING. Don't limit yourself to only seeing a small piece of the world. A second Life Lesson was "Life ain't no laser beam." This helps our students understand that life is not a straight path. Obstacles and changes in life occur that impact where we end up and the journey we take to get there.

Thank you Mr. Kent Probst for sharing with us and opening our minds to the true value of CEO.

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