Martin Atkins, music business entrepreneur was our guest speaker through the Fearless Founders program at Midland Institute on Tuesday, December 1st. Mr. Atkins has been in the music industry for the past 54 years, starting at the age of seven. He had several memorable quotes which also serve as life lessons. Some of these were:

"Start Somewhere!" This deals with the paralysis we sometimes feel in deciding what and where to start a task. Just start and make adjustments as your go.

"Don't be afraid to be afraid!" Fear creates adrenalin which helps unlock solutions -- accept the challenge and work through it.

"The more you let go of the money, the more money you will make in the long run!" A very good point on where your focus is as an entrepreneur. Focus on quality and getting things done.

"The quicker you rip off the bandaid, the less it will hurt!" An interesting quote that demands action right away instead of procrastinating.

Thank you Midland Institute for sharing the Fearless Founders episodes with CEO.

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