Grain Processing Corp. (GPC) was the site of the Daviess County CEO classes business visit on Tuesday, December 15th. GPC is a division of Kent Corporation based out of Iowa. The local plant began operations in 1998 and is undergoing a construction project which will double the footprint of the facility. Today's speakers consisted of Production Manager Shannon Dalton, Steep/Feed Mill Superintendent Mike Hosford, Alcohol/Utilities Div. Superintendent Nathan Vrolijk and Starch/Maltrin Superintendent Jason Fry.

Shannon Dalton covered the history and background of both GPC and Kent Corp. which he labeled Wet Milling 101. Kent Corp. began in 1927 as a feed company with the objective to develop feed for cattle in the Iowa region. It has grown to a company that exports products to over 60 countries worldwide. Mike Hosford explained to the class how GPC takes a kernel of corn and uses every part of that kernel to create a viable product. These products include the following: 190 and 200 proof alcohol; food grade and industrial grade starch; maltodextrin and corn syrup solids. Additionally GPC produces a variety of products for the pet food industry.

Thank you to Mr. Dalton, Mr. Hosford, Mr. Fry, and Mr. Vrolijk for an interesting and eye opening presentation into the science and engineering of Wet Milling 101.

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