"Don't be afraid to swim upstream and go the other way." Rob Dyer, Loss Prevention Manager with Home Depot shared this quote from Sam Walton, creator of Wal-Mart. Dyer shared with the class his experience in the area of loss prevention and covered the topic of Organized Retail Crime. This crime tends to have a specific list of shopping items and is carried out by two or more individuals who collaborate to steal merchandise. This accounts for billions of dollars in losses throughout the United States annually.

Dyer had the students do the UGLI orange excercise. This case study allowed the students to share the situation and come up with a solution to the problem. It forced the students to think and analyze a given situation.

Rob also closed with two quotes borrowed from others that were:

"Take Risks" and "Be You!"

Thank you Rob Dyer and a big thank you for the customized HOME DEPOT aprons.

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