On Wednesday 2/22/23, the CEO class got to opportunity to visit Tee’d Off Golf. They got to speak with owner, Ron Walden, about the business. Ron began by telling the class how the business started up. He said from a young age he always had a love for business, but his main dream had always been to be a pilot. However, he got into the golf business with the help of his son. Ron’s son started the business, but now Ron is the owner. Ron barely knew anything about golf simulators, let alone running a business all about them. He had to research a lot about the business and worked really hard to gain more knowledge on the topic. He went out and looked at a bunch of different simulators, and by doing this he saw what did and didn’t work.

The business has been open and running for about six months now, and Ron has already learned a lot during this time. He quickly realized that making adjustments too big in running a business. He advised the students that in running their own business they have to be open to adjusting and making changes. Another thing Ron quickly learned was dealing with employees is a big part of the job. He said having great employees makes or breaks a business. Ron said that he has learned a lot so far, but is still learning everyday. At the end of the visit Ron let the class try out the simulators and hit a few golf balls. The class had a lot of fun learning about the business and getting to test the simulators out.

Thank you Ron for allowing the class to come in and learn Tee’d Off Golf is all about!

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