GPC, a division of the Kent Corporation was the site of a very educational business visit on Wednesday, November 14th. Plant Manager John Dudenhoffer greeted the class before Shannon Dalton, production manager spoke to the class about the history and product history of GPC. Mr. Dalton explained to the class how one kernel of corn is turned into a variety of products and byproducts. The corn is broken down into it's four basic components; fiber, starch, gluten and germ(oil). The major products produced at the Washington plant are maltodextrin (the GPC brand is called Maltrin), industrial starch, beverage grade alcohol, fuel alcohol, industrial alcohol and a variety of gluten and fiber products used in the production of animal feeds.

Mike Hosford,Feed Mill Superintendent spoke about the process of breaking down the corn through the wet milling process and then how the corn is turned into various products. Utilities Supervisor Kyle Plassmeier covered the enormous costs of using water, electricity and gas in the production process and Ryan Grammer, starch & maltrin superintendent explained the process of making maltodextrin and the various markets for those products.

We would like to extend a giant Thank You to GPC for allowing the CEO class to visit. A great day.

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